1. UlizaHOW? is a registered trademark of Mavuno Business System, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. It is an intermediary between a Fund-Seeker in Kenya and a Generous-Funder abroad.

2. A Generous-Funder is a member of The Giving Hands Consortium, a private, US-based, voluntary, membership, umbrella organization of individuals funders, spread across North America, Europe and Australia, who are large/medium-scale business owners or associates, committed to alleviating poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa by financially assisting individuals, with small amount of money to start or boost their small-scale businesses.

3. UlizaHOW? has been appointed as an official intermediary for The Giving Hands Consortium in Kenya. Therefore, any Fund-Seeker who connects with a Generous-Funder, must pass through UlizaHOW? for validation.

4. A Fund-Seeker is anyone aged 18-year old and above, living in Kenya, who is looking for a financial help to start or boost their micro or small businesses.

5. A Fund-Seeker who's looking for a financial help for other purposes such as hospital bill, school fee, church works, community project etc, cannot be served by UlizaHOW?.

6. To make a request for a financial help, a Fund-seeker must reach UlizaHOW?'s homepage and click on a green button entitled "SUBMIT REQUEST." This is done by logging in directly to www.ulizahow.com or simply by google search "Ulizahow."

7. Requirements for a Fund-Seeker:

7.1. An email address. Communication between a Fund-seeker and their Generous-Funder is done strictly through email.

7.2. A bank account. A Generous-Funder will always fund a Fund-Seeker through a bank account. No any other money transfer channel will be applied.

7.3. A stamp. A label of trust meant to validate a Fund-Seeker's request for a financial help. It assures a Generous-Funder that the request for a financial help from a Fund-Seeker they don't know is genuine. Therefore a Generous-Funder will be convinced that a Fund-Seeker has been vetted and will be confident to reply and to keep corresponding with a Fund-Seeker.

8. A stamp costs KES 100. It's bought once when a Fund-Seeker is making and sending in their request to a selected Generous-Funder which is done within the system of UlizaHOW?. Purchase of stamp is done through Lipa Na M-Pesa Buy Goods Till Number 918477.

9. When making their request to their Generous-Funder, a Fund-Seeker must (1). Introduce themselves, (2). Describe their business and (3). State the amount of money they require in US dollars.

10. If a Fund-Seeker fails to validate their request by affixing a stamp, their request shall be rejected, since the stamp receipt number is automatically the M-pesa code received after purchasing the stamp through the above Till Number.

11. Once their request is delivered successfully, a Fund-Seeker should expect a reply, through email, from their selected Generous-Funder within 24 to 72 hours.

12. If, for more than 72 hours, still a Fund-Seeker hasn't received any reply from their selected Generous-Funder, they should contact UlizaHOW? on email: ask@ulizahow.com or WhatsApp: +254 748 923 946

13. Once a Fund-Seeker receives a reply to their request, they can now stay in touch, corresponding with their prospective Generous-Funder.

14. A Fund-Seeker can make as many requests as they wish. They can still get connected to the same Generous-Funder with different requests. They can get connected to the all Generous-Funders with different requests, as long as each request is validated through UlizaHOW?.

15. Communication between a Fund-seeker and their Generous-Funder is NOT under control of UlizaHOW?. It's the responsibility of a Fund-seeker to meet the expectations of their Generous-Funder in order to get the financial help needed. Just because UlizaHOW? connects a Fund-Seeker with a Generous-Funder, doesn't mean that a Fund-Seeker will automatically get the financial help they need. A Fund-Seeker must be proactive and convincing to their Generous-Funder.

16. UlizaHOW? shall not be liable for the failure of a Fund-Seeker to get a financial help from their Generous-Funder.


17. By clicking on the green button "SUBMIT REQUEST", a Fund-Seeker agrees to these terms and conditions.∎